Vision, Mission, Values


WHRO will be a dynamic and vital organization that improves the civic, educational and cultural life of the Hampton Roads community through broadcast, communications, and media services.


WHRO is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the citizens in the communities it serves by responding to their need to be engaged, educated, entertained and enlightened.  We are:

A premier provider of  products and services for educators and life long learners using the best technology available;

A trusted and valued civic space where citizens can explore diverse issues in a thoughtful manner;

A financially capable and sustainable organization delivering an excellent return on the community’s investment.

A provider of quality programming and services for television and radio audiences.


Trust – WHRO will earn the trust of the people it serves and its employees by acting in a manner that is respectful of their concerns and is fair and equitable.

Service – WHRO will provide the broadcast, communications and media services that people want in a professional and responsible manner.

Stewardship – WHRO will use its financial resources in a prudent and accountable manner for the benefit of the community.

Transparency – As a private non-profit, WHRO will be an open, accountable organization that informs its members and the community of the challenges and opportunities it faces.